It is well known that men and women have different shopping strategies, different ways of communicating and place emphasis on different things in relationships. In fact, it turns out that these vast gender differences are science-based and men’s and women's brains are actually wired differently – research shows there are more than 200 differences between the male and female brain.

For those of us in the sales industry, this is worth paying attention to, especially when the latest from Forbes tells us that women account for at least 87% of all financial decisions. Even in industries like construction and roofing, to compete in your industry, you must be able to connect to your female buyers. The following 6 strategies will help you succeed in both verbal and nonverbal communications when selling to women and couples.

  1. Learn about the differences between male and female purchasing habits and use this to your advantage.

  2. We know women are significantly different than men when it comes to the buying process. So, use this valuable insight as a tool to build your business. Since women and men don’t buy the same, then it logically follows that you shouldn’t approach them the same. Don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” mentality and assume that because you have a great product, the same sales tactics will work for everyone.

    Fact: Even the best, most valuable products eventually fall short if you don’t adapt your sales strategies to connect with your buyers’ unique needs. Successful business owners know this. If you want to define yourself as a leader in your industry, you must be willing to adapt.

  3. Invest time with potential buyers.

  4. Men are quick, impulse buyers, while women are methodical, relational buyers, who need to trust you before they purchase your product. Building relationships and making connections takes time to build and there are no shortcuts.

    Therefore, when it comes to female and couples clients, focus on building a relationship and learning about their needs, not trying to close the sale off the bat. Spend more time opening than closing. It may seem like a big investment in the beginning, but the payoff is well worth it. You will gain a loyal customer who refers you to others and uses your services again and again.

  5. Listen with purpose.

  6. For women, being heard and understood is key.

    When you arrive at a roofing sales call, chances are, you’re walking into a stressful situation - lots of money and time are at stake, creating anxiety and tension. Establish yourself as a calming force and industry expert by allowing her to voice concerns first, then offer a solution based on what she’s told you to satisfy this need.

    Being a good listener means more than simply staying silent while the couple is talking, it also means showing that you heard and understood what was said. Take notes, ask questions to clarify and restate things in your own words if necessary.

  7. Be respectful.

  8. Just because roofing and construction is a male-dominated industry, doesn’t mean your potential female client hasn’t done her homework - in fact, it's likely she has! Most men underestimate the lengths that women will go to when it comes to researching and learning about their purchasing decisions and chances are, she knows more than you think she does.

    Talking down to a woman or responding with a tone that implies you don’t take her seriously will plummet your chances for the sale.

  9. Show confidence and stay calm.

  10. Women are quickly turned off by pushy or high-pressure salespeople. Using these tactics goes against the entire rapport building premise that entices women, to begin with. If you make a woman feel uncomfortable and pressured to buy from you, that’s not going to work. Instead, stay calm and show you are confident in the quality of the product you are selling. This will resonate with women and couples as a sincere effort.

  11. Pay attention to nonverbal communication techniques.

  12. Women rely more heavily on nonverbal cues. They use them to communicate their own feelings and interpret the feelings of others. Observe her body language while you’re talking. If she’s nodding or taking notes and suddenly stops, don’t keep talking. Instead, pause briefly, giving her time to ask a question or get clarification.

    Finally, be aware of your own body language – crossed arms, leaning back instead of forward, or not making eye contact all communicate negativity or disinterest. Be mindful of what your body is communicating and always maintain eye contact.

So, there you have it, six strategies to help you sell to women and couples. Try them out and you may uncover the hidden potential of your business. And continue to educate yourself on sales and gender differences. Also, it’s important to remember gender differences in decision making are true in general, and but may not always be true in specific cases. Experiment and find out what works best for you, so you’re comfortable, confident, and most importantly, genuine. Women can spot the real from the fake, so get behind a product you believe in and can be proud of. Doing this will allow you access to a powerful female market and from there, the sky’s the limit.

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