“All the RoofScope reports I’ve ordered so far have turned out great. The last report I ordered exceeded my expectations. The report was for a property in the mountains so it was tough to get to, however the measurements turned out to be very precise. The property had multiple buildings on it, and RoofScope included all the buildings in the report. It was like giving us two for the price of one. I really appreciate that. We’ve worked with some of RoofScope’s competitors before, and they’ve never done that for us. Also, since the roof was so high up, I didn’t even notice that it had dormers, but RoofScope picked that up right away. Without RoofScope my edge metal and Ice and Water Shield estimates would have been completely off.

RoofScope’s delivery time and the quality of their reports are fantastic, and the images are spot on. Precision is very important to us, and reports we’ve gotten from other aerial takeoff companies were not as precise as RoofScope’s reports. I also like the clear layout of the reports; they’re very easy to read and use.

“RoofScope adds a personal touch to their reports. They’re hand-drafted, and their salesmen make the extra effort to communicate with their customers. My salesman even checked in with me after I received my report. The other aerial takeoff companies I’ve worked with have never done that for me. “I’ve personally been recommending RoofScope to others in the roofing industry and will continue to do so. As both a roofer and an adjuster, I’ll be using RoofScope the next time I need an aerial takeoff.” Craig Wall Roofer & Independent Adjuster Roofing in Colorado, Inc.