Hail season presents the perfect opportunity for scamming pop-up roofing companies to target vulnerable homeowners.

Have you come across homeowners who question whether you’re a real roofing company? Have potential customers seemed hesitant to trust you? Have your customers been very adamant about getting everything in writing and paying after services are rendered? This could be because they’ve heard about or come across storm chasers in the past.

It’s a good thing homeowners are looking out for themselves, but this can present a challenge to real, reliable roofing contractors like you.

RoofScope reports are your ticket to showing instant credibility to these apprehensive homeowners.

Never show up to a potential customer’s home empty handed again! Impress your customers, gain their trust and win bids with RoofScope reports.

You can also impress (and up sell!) potential customers with measurement reports of their siding, gutters and other parts of the house that are vulnerable to hail damage. Show them a SidingScope or GutterScope report from Scope Technologies to show them your abilities to fix other hail damage.

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