RoofScope will keep your business running smoothly in not-so-smooth weather.

With the recent snow in the East, Midwest and (we can’t believe we’re saying this) the South, roofers are sure to have a few challenges! Between the bitter cold temperatures, icy roof conditions and even heavy amounts of snow sitting on top of a roof, how’s a roofer supposed to get any work done?

No matter where your roofing company is located and how your business was affected by the storm, you can still get the roofing measurements you need to keep your business progressing as normal. RoofScope uses remote satellite technology to measure a structure’s roof, meaning you can get the same measurements (well, even more accurate measurements, actually!) as you’d get from climbing on top of the roof and measuring by hand.

Do not take your chances of slipping on an icy roof. Don’t risk getting inaccurate measurements from having to measure with heavy gloves on. Don’t even think about freezing on top of a roof for the sake of your business. With RoofScope, you can still plan for roofing projects even when the weather is this bad.

To order your RoofScope, visit our home page at, type in the address of the structure you’d like scoped and you’ll be on your way to simplifying your roofing business and saving yourself from having to work in the bitter cold!

The storm’s affected many roofing companies: Colorado roofers, Oklahoma roofers, Arkansas roofers, Kansas roofers, Missouri roofing companies, Nebraska roofing companies, Iowa roofing companies, Kentucky companies, Illinois roofers, Ohio roofers, Michigan roofers, West Virginia roofers, Maryland roofers, Delaware roofers, Indiana roofing companies, Pennsylvania roofers, New York roofing companies and even Texas roofers!