Full exterior measurement solutions

We offer aerial measurement reports for every exterior surface measurement you need. We measure everything from roofs to siding, concrete, paint, and even insulation.

BlueprintScopes are designed to use construction documents instead of aerial imagery and can be applied to any report type.

A RoofScopeX is the lite version of a RoofScope. It shows the overall square footage as well as a breakdown of each pitch by percentage. The report includes an overhead image highlighting each structure on the property.

A RoofScope compiles all the essential roof measurements and materials into an easy-to-read, environmentally friendly, two-page report. Included in the report are the total Squares, an itemization of roof edgings and folds, a breakdown of roof planes and their characteristics, a color-coded and dimensioned roof drawing, and the latest aerial imagery of the structure.

A RoofScope+ is a combination of a RoofScope and a GutterScope. The report includes an itemization of roof edgings and folds, a breakdown of the roof planes, and the gutter and downspout measurements. It features two color-coded CAD drawings.

A GutterScope totals the linear feet of gutter and downspout as well as a count of the endcaps, inner corners, and outer corners. It also shows a dimensioned plan view of the gutter layout and downspout placement.

A SidingScope provides a color-coded and dimensioned drawing for each side of the structure. The report totals up the entire siding area and shows a breakdown of each material type. It also provides the linear footage of various siding components and calls out wall heights and approximate location and size of doors, windows and garage doors.

Similar to SidingScope, a PaintScope provides the necessary information to paint the exterior shell of a structure. It shows the overall square footage of the structure walls and a breakdown by paint color. It also totals up the various trim pieces such as fascia, corners, door and window trim, as well as gives a count of windows, doors, and garage doors.

A ConcreteScope provides the necessary measurements to pour exterior concrete or asphalt pads. It totals up the entire surface area and the perimeter. It also shows the volume of material at various depths. The CAD drawing shows the perimeter dimensions and calls out the area of each individual pad.

An InsulationScope aims to show the attic areas of a house that would need to be insulated with blown-in or rolled insulation. It provides the square footage of each area and shows how many bags of insulation are needed to achieve various r-values.

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